The classic wingchair, treated with a contemporary language. With generous dimensions, it offers an exceptional comfort. It is available with wooden or metal legs, for a more modern look.


Very comfortable armchair of great visual lightness and a daring design. Its curved shapes favour an ergonomic position. The arms provide extra comfort. It comes with a chromed swivel base. We can complement it with the Lenny footstool.


Armchair with compact measures and extra-high back. It favours an ergonomic position thanks to its firm sitting and to the arms height. It is specially suitable for seniors who prefer upright positions.


Magno is an occasional office chair with a very original and attractive design. Its aluminium base swivels 360º, and optionally it can have castors. The height is adjustable with a gas mechanism. It is ideal for contract.


It has an ergonomic sitting thanks to its firm seat and the height of the arms. It is ideal for hotels, offices, etc. It is available with plastic or wooden legs, or with castors.


The powerlift system (lifting chairs), apart from the reclining action, it also raises the seat to leave the person almost standing. As we age, this type of armchair makes a big difference in quality of life for the users who still have independence.


The round shape of the Venus arms gives a special touch to this recliner that besides offering an incredible comfort, offers us the possibility to orient it inside the room thanks to its swivel base. The seat, back and arm cushions have removable covers. It is available as a manual recliner without lever, and now also motorised.


Casual chair, very comfortable, suitable for contract use.The swivel base is made of aluminium and the height is adjustable with a gas mechanism. Itswivels 360º. Optionally the swivel base can be made with castors. The same model with wooden feet is “Marilin”, and with wooden feet and arms, “Betty”.

Zoe – Arianne Love

Zoe is the armchair from Arianne Love collection. With a circular design, Zoe is a cozy piece that allows to adapt the position because of the back and arm cushions. Its low height provides extra comfort.


Galan is an original and different piece. It was designed for hanging the clothes beside your bed. Its softly rounded shapes will adapt perfectly to the jacket, shirt, dress or pants that you hang on it. The seat is hollow inside for storing the slippers or any other thing.


With its attractive design of curved shapes, Romeo is a very comfortable large size armchair. It was born from the Lenny model, but with a somewhat more masculine style. It is equipped with a chromed swivel and rocking base. It combines perfectly with any model of sofa or corner unit.

Zipi & Zape

Footstools Zipi & Zape are special pieces thanks to their compact size and great comfort. Unlike small and uncomfortable footstools, Zipi (the round version) and Zape (the pentagonal version) offer an extraordinary comfort thanks to their small backrest. Since they take very little room, we can have them in our living room and use them when necessary.

La Caracola

Reading table? Hall chair? Telephone table? Although this slogan may not be so appropriate to the current times, the truth is that fifteen years after its launch La Caracola has already become a classic of upholstered furniture and its design remains fully updated. The arm table gives it a great functionality, as well as an attractive and very special look.


Inspired by the classic divans, Pauline is a very special piece, with an attractive and elegant design. The loose cushions provide a great comfort, while offering the possibility of creating very interesting fabric combinations.


Roxane is an armchair with a very special design, where you will enjoy unforgettable moments. Its curved back creates a peaceful and quiet atmosphere that allows you to enjoy your leisure moments and forget about everything else. The swivel base and the footstool provide a great comfort.


Kim is a recliner with an exquisite design, visually light and amazingly comfortable. Its curved shapes make it an original and attractive design which can be combined with any sofa or corner style. Its seat and footrest in one piece contribute to its great comfort. It is available as a manual or motorised recliner, but always swivel.


It is difficult to create new types of armchairs that can offer innovative proposals.
Volta is raised from the floor in 4 inclined legs. However, thanks to a clever system, the sofa can swivel freely.
The design is completed with a light footstool that quickly transforms into a coffee table.


A different seat designed for special people. Its cantilever base gives it a great comfort. Available also with wooden legs to offer a lighter Nordik touch.


Opera, an elegant armchair with generous dimensions, ideal to enjoy alone or in good company.


Miranda is a special chair, light, comfortable and attractive… Its tall wooden legs design reminds us of the Scandinavian designs from the 50s. When combined with its footstool, the design is just superb, but above all, it’s really comfortable. It’s available with a removable cover, which allows you to adapt the fabric to every season of the year.


With MyClub we have created a new type of armchair which we are sure you will love for its young and daring spirit. Apart from the innovative design made of straight lines, this armchair will surprise you due to the possibility of connecting your smartphone or tablet to it through its Bluetooth enabled device. With its great speakers you will spend hours listening to your favorite music.


Moon attracts at first sight, but you love it once you try it. A concept of recliner different to everything else. Its wide measures offer us the possibility of finding a great variety of very comfortable positions, lying up, on one side, embracing the cushion, etc. In addition, the mechanism is reclining, swivel and rocking. Moon is the ideal piece where moms can enjoy the best moments with their new-born babies.


A new concept of armchair with generous dimensions that we can enjoy on our own or with our partner. A “nest” to enjoy at home and disconnect from the world. Ideal for reading, writing, working with our laptop or tablet, etc. Now also, thanks to its Bluetooth device and integrated speakers, it becomes a special place where we can listen to all the music from our Smartphone or tablet


Helsinki is a design armchair with large dimensions and elegant style. Its straight lines create a timeless design that brings together modernity and a touch of tradition. Decorated with lots of cushions to provide an amazing comfort.


Large armchair or You&Me, which provide great comfort to all users thanks to the construction of its slightly flexible backrest. The combination of curved and straight lines is essential in this balanced and contemporary design.


15 years after creating one of our most important icons, the Moon recliner, we thought it was about time to update it. Looking at the design of the Moon chair, no one could image that our bestselling model of all times is now 15 years old. Therefore, there was not much we could change to enhance a model that has not become old-fashioned at all.


Bonne is the perfect armchair to combine with model Boston, as they share their natural lines and curves and their calmed design. However, Bonne is not a conventional recliner; we have succeeded in raising comfort to infinity, thanks to its new headrest adjustable both in height and inclination which adapts to everyone regardless of height or complexion, and to its high resting position which favours a good resting heart position.

Moonrise XL

We like creating compact sofas or large armchairs. Moonrise XL is the result of this, a special piece designed for those couples who love each other and like to enjoy their relax moments together. It is a new typology of recliner for two people, a unique, great and charming piece.


Lenny is perhaps our most iconic design, a clever combination of concave and convex curves that create a unique and unrepeatable armchair. Its fibre seat and back cushions offer an incredible comfort. The base is a swivel and rocking mechanism. The round footstool is the perfect accessory to make Lenny an amazingly comfortable piece.


Christie is a re-styling of our iconic Agatha accent chair. It is a beautiful piece, comfortable and functional, thanks to its built-in table. Upgraded design where we have slightly rounded the back and arms with a central stitching and applied a modern button effect in the back to make it more attractive and updated.

Astoria Armchair

The Astoria armchair and You&Me stand out for their amazing comfort and their elegant design provided by the button effect in the backrest inspired by the armchairs of the 50s, in combination with its soft curves and modern style.


Aston is an accent chair from the Astoria family. It shares with Astoria its timeless style and the design of the button effect of the back, but with different proportions. The back is much higher than in the Astoria, and the arms are lower.


With its ergonomic design inspired on the classic rocking chair, Kangou is a modern rocking chairs especially designed to make the most of the relax experience. The perfect accessory is the matching footstool for a greater comfort.


Kylian is Komba’s alter ego; it shares the seat and arm design, but with a bigger backrest that adopts a smooth and curved line that provides a more traditional look. The combination of the lumbar cushion and the weighted headrest provides an incredible comfort.Komba and Kylian belong to the same family as our model Kangou.


Komba is a light occasional armchair that can be combined with any sofa or corner group. It belongs to the Kangou family. Its low back design fits perfectly every user and the lumbar cushion provides great comfort. It is available with wooden legs, rocking base or swivel foot.

Pacific O

Pacific “O” consists on a round base where we can easily add or remove back supports, thanks to a clever fixing system. This way we can turn a round footstool into an armchair in the blink of an eye, or even close it completely forming a very special “nest” to disconnect from the world.

La Siesta

Arianne Garden

Arianne Garden has been created with outdoor living in mind. Single modules with a polyethylene base which can be placed together, individually or creating different shapes to adapt to the features of your garden.


Flavio is the most spectacular table in the Famatab collection. Its large size and oval shape are very remarkable. Surprisingly, despite its size, it has an almost silent mechanism that enables lifting the table top without effort. It is definitely a striking and highly functional table.


Lucas is the perfect table to combine with an armchair or to be used as a side table next to a sofa. Due to its small dimensions it can be used as table-arm.


Elsa is a rectangular table slightly curved, which makes it very special. A perfect table for those who prefer shapes to straight lines.


Carol is a table that fits perfectly on corner groups. It is the right table for the Calisto corner due to the octagonal shape of the wooden top and to the trapezium shape of the table body.

Adam 110

Adam 110 is a rectangular table with rounded edges. Despite their big size, all Famatab tables have a very soft mechanism for lifting the tops.

Adam 96

Adam 96 is the largest square table in Famatab range. It matches perfectly with any model of sofa or modular group. Its silent mechanism allows us to lift the top very easily, avoiding those annoying sounds of most tables in the market.


Otis is an oval shaped table that matches with all the curved modules or sofas.

Adam 70

Adam 70 is the smallest square table in Famatab collection. A table designed for those who prefer compact furniture but still like square shapes. All the edges are rounded.


Now also available in version Nordik Light and functional tables with a very attractive price.

Sole & Luna

Tables with a unique design, with lifting top and upholstered in fabric. Ideal to combine with our model Arianne.


Very functional design tables which can be combined with our models.

Blues AdapTable

BLUES, is the most natural model of table, made all over in wood with a classic carpentry construction. Its folding system stands out for its attractive design, simplicity and functionality.


Inspired by the popular camping folding tables, we have designed Pop, an example of simplicity, perfection and lightness. The clever combination of lines and angles formed by its legs creates an original design that allows raising the table in a quick and simple way.



Conec-Table, a range of auxiliary tables that make one of the most often performed gesture in our homes a lot easier: charging our mobile phone or Tablet.



Alfred is a modular group with conventional lines but with the Fama touch that makes it different. Its curved lines in the interior part of the arms offer ergonomic solutions very comfortable yet attractive.


Vianna is a traditional model, very similar in design and functionality to model Altea, but with the arm pads for a greater comfort. It has a large variety of modules and sizes so we can make compositions to fit any home.


Altea offers a wide range of possibilities with its different sized modules. It has a patented Soft-back system which make it very comfortable for everybody.


Arianne is a new concept of modular that brings back the essence from the ’60s. You can create the composition that best suits your living room.The result may be unique and awesome.


Afrika, originally inspired by the forms of model Oasis but with an updated design and better comfort. It has a great variety of modules, both curved and straight, that provide different solutions to most modular programmes of the market.


Valentina is already one of the Fama classics. It remains a very attractive model thanks to its current and casual design and to its curved shapes.


A very smart model with straight lines manufactured with a perfect finish in every single detail.The great variety of pieces offers a huge range of possibilities.


MyNexus is a special piece designed for special people.Two pentagonal pieces that offer a new type of seat thought for the life in couple.


MyLoft has a simple and modern design and a very original system for attaching the backrests. Thanks to its unbeatable price, it is a model designed for all those young people who start living on their own, or for those with a young spirit.


Josephine is an elegant sofa with an outstanding design. Inspired by the classic typology of sofa with buttons in the back, but with a much more updated language, the result is just spectacular.


With five different types of arms and many different measures you will find the best composition that suits your home.


MyApple is neither an armchair, nor a sofa or a chaisse longue… It is a special piece, inspired by the loveseats of the last century but adapted to present times.


Mysoul is a different model designed for different people. It is a new type of sofa or armchair without arms where all the space is useful for sitting.


Madison is a contemporary corner sofa. Its low back, apart from providing it with a current and attractive look, hides a pleasant surprise, a useful compartment to hide the headrest.

Madison Nordik

Madison Nordik, as the version with metal legs, is a sober and contemporary modular programme with a light look thanks to its high wooden legs. Its low back, apart from providing it with a current and attractive look, hides a pleasant surprise, a useful compartment to hide the headrest.


MyCuore is a special piece ideal for small apartments. It was born as an evolution of model MyApple with more compact measures, based on the idea of a You&Me to share times in couple. The result is a spectacular piece, the perfect place for that people who don`t settle for the usual.


Bolero is a new sofa bed with the Fama distinctive style. A sofa bed that covers all users demands: it has a lower seat, a shorter depth, it is comfortable as a sofa and also as a bed, and all this without looking as a sofa bed.


Manacor is a corner sofa specially designed to enjoy at home. Thanks to its multipositional backs we can find lots of different positions that will adapt to our way of sitting in every moment.


Variable Geometry. Panky is a re-styling of our model Pantom. The essence remains the same, contoured-shaped backrests supported on a flat base, now with button effect, that seem to float in the air giving the suite a fresh and light look


Urban is a modern design originally inspired by model Arianne, but with a completely different style and functionality. Its seat and backheight, along with the slightly flexible backrest (soft-back) provide it with an incredible comfort.


Opera is a corner sofa of generous dimensions with a serene and sensual design. The different options of this modular allow us to create different compositions, from the typical sofa with chaise longue to an elegant corner group with straight modules and a curved chaise longue.


Boston stands out for its rational and contemporary design. With its wide variety of elements, such as sofas, modules and armchairs, it offers us different solutions for our home. Some of them are really interesting, like the You&Me armchair, a new type of armchair designed to enjoy it on one’s own or in couple, or the large sofa with two or three seats, which provide us with an incredible comfort.


A sofa of straight forms with a timeless design, that combines modernity with a touch of tradition provided by the large armchair of elegant style. With Helsinki a new type of seat was born, the You&Me, an armchair of generous proportions that allowed us to accommodate either one or two people comfortably, creating a perfect space to enjoy the leisure moments.


Pacific is a very special modular programme with an overwhelming personality. It consists of six platforms of different measures which you can add or remove backrests to in the blink of an eye with a really smart fixing system.Therefore, a footstool platform can be converted into a module or a sofa in less than a minute, without screws or tools.


A very smart model with straight lines manufactured with a perfect finish in every single detail.

It has a great variety of elements and offers a huge range of possibilities: static sofa, motorised relax, fixed chaise longue, with storage and lifting footrest, etc.


Contemporary model and sober forms with incredible comfort housed in a background of small dimensions. Its contained measures favor a more straight sitting for those who prefer this type of rest.


Calessi has two modules with the arm assembled, and we have added another type of arm in addition to the three types of Calisto. We have also added the option of a charging system via USB port on the arm (available in the arms “S” and “X”). A new fibre headrest has been created to improve the comfort, and finally, the composition of the seat interiors has been changed, for a smooth and wrinkle-free sitting.


Astoria is a classic or modern design? We would not know how to say it, but without a doubt Astoria is a good design. Inspired by the sofas of the 50s with the classic capitone with buttons on the back, but with an updated look creating the same effect but much lighter by seams and sunken. The result is a modular program of soft and timeless lines that offers us new and elegant solutions for the current habitat.


In the world of sofa beds we can find many systems on the market: normal convertible, Italian system, clik-clak, accordion, sofa bed, etc.
It seemed impossible to create a new type of sofa bed, but it seems that we have achieved it. Indy stands as a world novelty.


Inspired by the sofas of the 70s with rhombuses in the backrest, Nina & Simone, are destined to become two new classics in the Fama Sofas catalog.
Simone with a more daring touch and Nina with a more conventional air, the two share a high back that offer an exceptional vertical sitting. Nina & Simone do not leave anyone indifferent, you will hate it or it will take away your heart.

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